Red Pearl Amaryllis

Red Pearl is richer and darker in color than any other Amaryllis.
Its almost dramatic dark flowers are actually more beautiful than you see on the pictures. Its broad, velvety petals are deep crimson, overlaid with burgundy and maroon. Glittering golden stamens complete the picture.
Red Pearl is impressive in size, and enormous flowers.The massive flowers of Red Pearl are so deep, velvety red that some have renamed this variety Black Pearl.

  1. Giiii….deci….ăăă…cum să zic eu mai pe românește…mi-a căzut falcaaa….uaaaaaaaauuu…adică….UAAAUU! 🙂

  2. Insatiable red flower on the mouth and an unquenchable flame in the heart. This spectacular flower blares its huge love of life without any hesitation, unimpeded. One cannot but adore it. Thks, G::!

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