Tillandsia cyanea

Tillandsia cyanea is originate from Ecuador. It lives epiphytically on trees but will grow on almost anything.
The folded leaves act as collectors for dew or mist. The water after condensing trickles to the base of the stem, where it is absorbed. This method is so efficient that the plant needs almost no root system. The plants use the roots only to hold on to a perch. Moisture and nourishment enter through the scales on the leaves.

Tillandsia cyanea it has a large showy bloom and a hot pink spike with purple flowers.
Rosette has about 30 to 50 cm in width and 18-30 cm. in height in the non-blooming state.

Thillandsia Cyaneia

Thillandsia Cyaneia

Thillandsia Cyaneia

Thillandsia Cyaneia

  1. long story, short: Lady Nature’s perfection – by definition and by excellence… 🙂


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