Spider Orchid Brassia „Toscane”

This spider orchid is genus Brassia.
The Brassia „Toscane” orchid is native to the wet forests of tropical Central and South America and is named for a 19-th century, British botanical illustrator, William Brass.
It’s a beautiful, aromatic flower with long, slender „spider-leg” sepals.
The upper petals are a light-yellow green and the lower sepals are creamy with a hint of rosy red.
Maroon markings ring the blossoms and the lip, which is nearly translucent and resembles a pointy chin.
When summer arrives, you will be rewarded with dozens of fragrant and stunning blossoms.
This orchid can flower more than once a year.
Brassia „Toscane” orchid won’t disappoint:

Bratonia Toscana


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